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BlazBlue: CTB | EVO 2018 Tournament | TOP 8 + Finals (Kazunoko, Fenritti, kojiKOG + more)

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle (BBCTB) | Tournament | TOP 8 + Finals (Kazunoko, Fenritti, kojiKOG + more) - Timestamps All credits go to evo ► If you like what you see, go ahead and click the Like button and subscribe to my channel for more! Subscribe to Dragonhawk ► BBTag Matches: TOP 8 Winners Semifinals 1. 00:12 kojiKOG (Tager, Waldstein) Vs Dora Bang (Hazama, ν -No.13-) 2. 08:13 Fenritti (Jin, Hyde) Vs Fame96 (Yu, Jin) TOP 8 Losers Bracket 3. 15:58 Heiho (Ruby, Gordeau) Vs Gouda (Gordeau, ν -No.13-) 4. 27:13 Kazunoko (Ruby, Gordeau) Vs Dettywhiterock (Yang, Waldstein) TOP 8 Losers Quarterfinals 5. 36:16 Fenritti (Jin, Hyde) Vs Heiho (Ruby, Gordeau) 6. 42:48 kojiKOG (Tager, Waldstein) Vs Kazunoko (Ruby, Gordeau) Winners Finals 7. 52:02 Dora Bang (Hazama, ν -No.13-) Vs Fame96 (Yu, Jin) Losers Semifinals 8. 56:09 Heiho (Ruby, Gordeau) Vs kojiKOG (Tager, Waldstein) Losers Finals 9. 1:01:39 Heiho (Ruby, Gordeau) Vs Dora Bang (Hazama, ν -No.13-) Grand Finals 10. 1:07:22 Heiho (Ruby, Gordeau) Vs Fame96 (Yu, Jin) **Thank you for watching**

Joseph Anderson Persona 5 streams (Best Moments)

This video took an eternity to make, was definitely worth a moon. All footage taken from: His second YouTube channel His Twitch Original source for art of Hifumi and Yusuke: Put all of my favourite moments from his streams into one video for the sake of convenience as not all of these moments had been clipped on twitch. THIS WAS MADE FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Don't expect any of the statements from Joe in this video to be representative of his legitimate opinion of the game. In actuality he enjoyed it a lot and gave it a 7/10, which is a very good score even better than Mario Odyssey.

Persona 5 All Endings in English (Good / Bad / True Ending)

Persona 5 all endings in English on PS4 Pro 1080p. 0:00 - Miss a Deadline 2:20 - Okumura Escapes 2:55 - Miss the Shido Deadline 3:36 - Sell out your friends 9:57 - Make a deal with the False God 14:00 - True Ending 24:16 - Post credits ending All Persona 5 boss battles here: Stay notified of new videos by subscribing: Shin Megami Tensei Persona 5 All Endings in English PS4 Pro.

[WR] Persona 5 Speedrun 17:05:12 [Hard, True End] Part 1

Part 2: If you enjoy these videos, consider following my Twitch channel where I frequently stream live: While the run is a lot faster than my previous run, I am very unsatisfied with how this one turned out. The middle part of the run was really great but I started choking really hard towards the end of the run which made me almost not want to finish. Will try and improve this one soon. -- Watch live at

Persona 5 - All Persona Catalysts & Awakenings

:::Spoilers:: The events that push each character over the limit to awaken to their personas. --Lore videos without the pesky grinding & running around. --Enjoy the story? Let me know in the comments, much appreciated. --Playlist: vvv--------------------------------------------vvv------------------------------------------------vvv Leave a like & subscribe if you enjoy the videos, it lets me know someone cares! ♥‿♥

Just RNGing through

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