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Why No One Wants to Fight U.S. Abrams Tanks?

Why No One Wants to Fight U.S. Abrams Tanks? The M1 Abrams tank was first fielded by the U.S. Army in the 1980s. The Army had preferred the 105-millimeter gun, the British-designed Royal Ordnance L7, also known in the United States as the M68. The M68 had armed the M60 series of tanks for decades and was considered a proven “good enough” gun. The M1’s turret could only accommodate fifty-five rounds of 105-millimeter ammunition, a reduction from the sixty-two rounds the older M60 tank could carry. An even larger gun would further reduce ammo capacity to a mere forty rounds. Pentagon officials, on the other hand, wanted to equip the M1 with the larger German-designed Rheinmetall M256 120-millimeter smoothbore gun. The civilian leadership felt obliged to use the gun in part as a way to offset German participation in the NATO AWACS program. A larger gun would also “future-proof” the M1, allowing it to defeat future tanks with heavier armor. Read more: http://goo.gl/rAHkSy

Explosive Reactive Armor

http://www.i-like-chinese.com The future tank in the battlefield that resist rocket penetration.

The Largest Submarine in The U.S. Navy

USS Pennsylvania is a United States Navy Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine which has been in commission since 1989. The Ohio class is a class of nuclear powered submarines used by the United States Navy. The Navy has 18 Ohio-class ballistic missile submarines and guided missile submarines.

Tiger tank attacked by Hawker Tempest video, reconstruction with animation

Tiger tank attacked by Hawker Tempest during the Ardennes offensive 1944. Reconstruction with animation using COD, IL-2 sims with a tank scale model and green screened actor..:) Lots of fun making this..actually only fooling around...made this so long ago with 0 budget..

M4 Sherman Tank - Crew tell how shocking it was

Doctrine As the US approached entry in World War II, armored employment was doctrinally governed by FM 100-5 Operations (published May 1941, the month following selection of the M4 tank's final design). That FM stated that: The armored division is organized primarily to perform missions that require great mobility and firepower. It is given decisive missions. It is capable of engaging in all forms of combat, but its primary role is in offensive operations against hostile rear areas.[10] In other words, the M4 was envisioned to primarily fill the role of a cruiser tank — although the US Army did not use that doctrinal term. The M4 was not primarily intended as an infantry support tank; in fact, FM 100-5 specifically stated the opposite. It placed tanks in the "striking echelon" of the armored division, and placed the infantry in the "support echelon". Neither was the M4 primarily intended for tank versus tank action. Doctrinally, anti-tank engagements were the primary role of tank destroyers. The field manual covering the use of the Sherman (FM 17-33, "The Tank Battalion, Light and Medium" of September 1942) devoted one page of text and four diagrams to tank versus tank action (out of 142 pages).[11] This early armored doctrine was heavily influenced by the sweeping initial successes of the German blitzkrieg tactics. Unfortunately, by the time M4s reached combat in significant numbers, battlefield demands for infantry support and tank versus tank action far outnumbered the occasional opportunities for cruiser tanks. Although envisioned primarily as a cruiser-type tank, US doctrine did also contemplate the M4's use in other roles. Unlike some other nations, which had separate medium tank designs tailored specifically for anti-tank roles (e.g., the German PzKw III) and support roles (the PzKw IV), the US intended the M4 to fulfill all roles. Although not optimized for tank versus tank engagements or infantry support, the M4 was capable of performing these missions to varying degrees. In the Pacific Theater, the Sherman was used chiefly against Japanese infantry and fortifications; in their rare encounters with lighter Japanese tanks with weaker armor and guns, the Shermans were vastly superior. The doctrine of the time had Shermans as a sort of infantry tank. All anti-tank work was supposed to be done by tank-destroyer crews. Speed was essential in order to bring the tank-destroyers from the rear to destroy incoming tanks. Thankfully, for Sherman crews, this doctrine was not entirely used as it would create a small window of time of weakness in the armored battalion until tank destroyers moved to the front. Obviously this would make it harder for an armored force to achieve a breakthrough, a main objective of armor, if the enemy had tanks. It would also be easier for an opposing armored force to achieve a breakthrough against an American tank battalion which would not have all of its anti-tank assets at the front during the beginning of any attack

See More Info Here: http://bit.ly/2uCxjOX
And the M1 Abrams engine is a very reliable engine.
•US Army TIGER M1 Abrams Engine Support (.
Three main versions of the m1 abrams have been deployed the m1 m1a1 and m1a2 incorporating improved armament protection and electronics.Battle Stations M1 Abrams Supertank Documentary.

M1 abrams main battle tanks from the 7th battalion 1st brigade 3rd infantry division demonstrate fire and maneuver tactics for estonian soldiers during a live-fire exercise.


Upgrading the M1 Abrams engine to a more fuel-efficient model is also a worthwhile endeavor.
A russian-made 9m133 kornet atgm (anti-tank guided missile) reportedly obliterates a us-made abrams tank involved in the offensive on the terrorist-held city of mosul iraq.

 Battle Stations M1 Abrams Supertank Documentary. Raw: iraqi m1 abrams tank hit by isis kornet guided missile near mosul.
M1 Abrams Tank Firing Three major variations of the M1 Abrams have actually been deployed, the M1, M1A1, and M1A2, incorporating improved armament, defense and electronic devices.
Танк абрамс (m1 abrams) - мегазаводы | документальный фильм.
M1 abrams main battle tank.Best tank in the game | muhh abrams (war thunder m1 abrams gameplay).Military training - m1 abrams tanks in action & firing | heavy live fire range [full hd].
The Angel of Death M1 Abrams Tank in Action, Firing Its Cannons - Watch new movie trailers, high-quality HD trailers.

M1 abrams engine diagram moreover allison tank transmission furthermore viewtopic.
And it's not exactly clear if the US' M1 Abrams engine has comparable technology, The National Interest reported.

M1 Abrams Interior Photos Collection.

The m1 abrams tank is the third generation of us main battle tank whose number m1...

Ultimate factories_ m1 abrams tank part 1_2.The abrams is the us's main battle tank and arguably the best of it's type in the world.

The M88A2 is lifting an M1 Abrams engine using the M88A2's crane.

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M1 Abrams Tank in Action 3d model free download, 3D model of M1 Abrams tank American main battle tank third-generation military vehicle.

M1 Abrams tank firing its main cannon during the Gulf War, 1991.
Us marines showing their talents to operate the monstrously powerful m1 abrams tank.

M1 abrams "лучший в мире танк?

S marines conduct a live-fire exercise with the m1a1 abrams battle tank...Here's an M1 Abrams tank firing a sabot round.
Best tank in the game | muhh abrams (war thunder m1 abrams gameplay)..

The m1a1 abrams is distinguished by its rheinmetall 120 mm gun of german origin which equips also the leopard tank 2.
Heats like M1 Abrams engine in the desert.

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