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Persona 5 - Small Details You May Have Missed!

Hey Guys, I'm back with another Standalone Persona 5 Video! Today I'm focusing on all the small details found within the game that just make it so much better. Hopefully you find out something you didn't before. Have you found any neat or cool details? Let me know below, but be Spoiler wary since everyone hasn't completed the game yet! Enjoy the video? Leave your opinion below. Subscribe: Twitter Page: Game Crew Twitter Page:

Proving the Illuminati is Real!

To all you crazy conspiracy theorist out there: You can stop now. It's been proven... Huge thank you to Justin Chon for coming through! Check out his channel: Check out my 2nd Channel for bloopers/behind-the-scenes and vlogs: New #TEEHEE app here: iPhone: Android: Follow me on TWITTER for more useless stuff about me Like my FACEBOOK page if you're into that sorta stuff Oh and here is MY SITE... for TEEHEE and LESS THAN THREE merch: OR see some boring pics of me on INSTAGRAM! Send us mail or whatever you want here! PO Box 232355 Las Vegas, NV 89105

[Persona 4] Animated Comic Dub (part 1)

Based on a voice dub, based on a comic, based on a video game. A whole year worth of development, hope you enjoy! Opening song: Persona 4 The Animation - Sky's the Limit. Credits song: Persona 4 Golden - A Sky Full Of Stars. Cast: Narrator - GiantJuicyKickBalls Protagonist - sonicmega Rise - Chinomi Dojima - Tomamoto Nanako - Hnilmik Inner Thoughts - GeneralIvan Gas Station Attendant - Jaxxy Officer - GeneralIvan Morooka - Seiyru Yosuke - Seiyru School Announcer - Sapphire Chie - Sapphire Yukiko - Seiyru Mitsuo - GeneralIvan Lady 1 - Sapphire Lady 2 - Jaxxy Kid 1 - Sapphire Adachi - Y. Chang Saki - Sapphire TV Reporter - Tomamoto Teddie - GForce Audio Mixing - Sapphire Animation - Carbonwater Art/Story - Hiimdaisy Music - Persona 4 OST, Ren and Stimpy OST SFX - Umineko and other stuff. #Persona4 #ShinMegamiTensei #hiimdaisy

Persona 5: Clearly the Greatest Valentine's Day Option

Persona 5 is a role-playing video game developed by Atlus for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 video game consoles. Persona 5 is chronologically the sixth installment in the Persona series, which is part of the larger Megami Tensei franchise. Published by Atlus in Japan and North America and by Deep Silver in Europe and Australia, the game was released first in Japan in September 2016, and worldwide in April 2017. In Western regions, Persona 5 was the first main game in the series since Persona 2: Eternal Punishment to omit the Shin Megami Tensei moniker. Information: Best Valentine's Day Ever! Update as of Video Date: No Update Twitter: →

Joseph Anderson Persona 5 streams (Best Moments)

This video took an eternity to make, was definitely worth a moon. All footage taken from: His second YouTube channel His Twitch Original source for art of Hifumi and Yusuke: Put all of my favourite moments from his streams into one video for the sake of convenience as not all of these moments had been clipped on twitch. THIS WAS MADE FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Don't expect any of the statements from Joe in this video to be representative of his legitimate opinion of the game. In actuality he enjoyed it a lot and gave it a 7/10, which is a very good score even better than Mario Odyssey.

Ryuji has a lot to say and do...

Persona 5 - Gameplay
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